Its take long time to set orissa pan is our main and one of the best product in our range with our well known brand Saino orissa pan. We are manufacturer of orissa pan in Gujarat since ten years that is why this is orissa pan is our excellent product.By choosing best our of best materials with mixing both technique modern a coond traditional we have now more than 90 sanitary ware products in our product range. There are many names of Orissa pan like orissa pan toilet, orissapan, orissa pan WC, Indian toilet, toilet sheet, branded orissa pan, ceramic orissa pan, white orissa pan, glossy orissa pan, orissa pan manufacturer in Thangadh, orissa pan manufacturer in India, Asian pan, squatting pan, squatting toilet, orissa pan suppliers, how Indian toilet are made, how sanitary ware is made, Indian sanitary ware etc. We also have many size of orissa pan are like Full deep orissa pan, low height orissa pan, medium deep orissa pan, medium deep pan, 20 orissa pan, 21 orissa pan, 23 orissa pan, odisa pan, odisa pan toilet etc. 23 FULL DEEP ORISSA PAN 501 :- 23 full deep orissa pan sheet is now really looking nice by its design. it is mainly used fit for bigger size toilet.We have some production of this 23 full deep orissa pan that increase our product range. 23 ORISSA PAN 502 :- This 23 orissa pan is going well in sanitary ware market.we are also manufacturer of 23 orissa pan in regular basin,this 23 orissa pan is manufacturer by us with bulk quantity with more than 9 colours so that we can manage its orders and supply and customer requirements. 21 full deep orissa pan :- 21 full deep orissa pan is one of the best product of our product range.Its look awesome it has unique quality it self.This 21 full deep orissa pan is used to fit in hotel and huge hospitals too because of its look.